Curtis Updike

Beginning his teaching career in 1998 he has taught theater and dance at the college level, as well as holds an Oregon teaching license for both Language Arts and Drama for High School. 

Working in the classroom as well as in the office of the school he sees the school as a whole and how each part functions. He has many years working directly with substitute services for multiple districts and will still take the time to fill in as a sub if the need arises.

Within our office there is very little that happens without him being the mastermind of the joke. 

Cathy Robart

An educator in a previous life, Cathy is excited to join the EMS SubDesk team as a marketing specialist.  Her experience in nonprofits and client-facing business settings affords her a unique lens through which she crafts the marketing strategies.  She also assists with recruiting efforts and is likely to be the first voice to welcome new recruits to EMS SubDesk. 

 Loving a challenge she is trying to learn to write with her left hand. 


Tonya Spath

Just recently made a career change Tonya is excited to be working with EMS. She comes from a background of customer service and carries this with her. With her light hearted attitude she brings smiles wherever she goes.

As you can see she loves the outdoors kayaking, hiking, softball, etc. She currently lives in the city but her heart is always in her small hometown..(Jewell)


Lincoln Hills

With amazing attention to detail and "I'll do it or figure out how" attitude Lincoln is always a great man to work with. He will not let any project go undone, and no call go unanswered. 


Andy Bower

With his happy attitude and eagerness make things right Andy brings joy to our days. Customer service has been his background and the world of education his future. 

As we can all see, the look tells us everything. 


Ammaron Gibson

Starting as one of our substitutes, he quickly moved into working in our office helping assist in much needed work. From there he moved into taking over training of new employees and managing our recruiting. 

Jamie O'Connor

​With a long history is child care working with EMS Subdesk was a perfect fit for Jamie. Finding a happy home with EMS, she spends her day helping the team find job opportunities. When not at work Jamie is deep into her scrapbooking, embellishments, stickers  and other creative projects.


Scott Cummins

With an impressive background in logistics, security, and software design he brings with him exceptional leadership and innovative computer skills. He has spent the past nine years developing and perfecting his skills in solving needs within school districts. 

His attention to detail and ability to fully realize the big picture has catapulted his ideas into leading new innovations in more effective services and greater funds delivered to schools. 

He prides himself in his unique suits and being the "Subfather." 

Jesse Iford

Working for many years in software support and technology management he as an exceptional ability to keep our office on track. With his attention to detail and an uncanny ability to understand and clarify difficult tasks he is our best resource to assisting new people to the world of education, through the process of obtaining an Oregon teaching license. 

He has some unique loves that make him a great fit in our office. These things would include, goats, carnivorous plants, and literature. Hopefully one does not eat the other. 

Melissa Merritt

Her tender heart has led her to obtain an Oregon Elementary teaching license. She has spent a great deal of time in multiple schools working both as a teacher and educational assistant. 

Melissa has also spent years working as a substitute as well as a substitute manager. She continues to innovate new ways to keep the classroom full, even if she has to go herself.  

As the HR Manager she does her best to keep all of us on track, much like an elementary class. 

Jeff Vancura

An eclectic background is the best way to describe him. For many years he worked in computer support both hardware and software. He then moved into working for the postal service, then he spent a good deal of time working as both an educational assistant and special educational assistant. 

Now he has brought all of this knowledge into our office assisting in many ways to keep our schools covered and our office running smooth in ohh so many aspects. I forgot to mention he still has mad skills from his band days.

TJ Elliott

Having spent a great deal of time working in customer service TJ brings to the table a kind helpful attitude and an exceptionally kind demeanor. He will do his best in all things to find the best and most accurate answer to help others. 

In a previous life his BBQ and meat smoking skills are renowned and if we have anything to say about it they will be again.   




Either from being in the schools or working directly managing and placing substitutes into schools our office has over 20 years experience making sure classrooms are covered on short notice.