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Employee - FAQ

Q.1 ~ Can I report an absence after the fact?

A.1 ~ You can report an absence for any day until midnight of that day. After that day is done your site systems administrator (office manager, secretary, etc.) must report your absence for you.

Q.2 ~ It says “Date is not a start day” when I enter my absence, is the system broken?

A.2 ~ No it is not broken. The computer must have exact data. The time you are reporting your absence for must be formatted correctly: 9:00am is not valid – it must read 09:00 AM, there must be a space between the number and the AM or PM.

Q.3 ~ I specified my favorite sub why did I not get them?

A.3 ~ If they have already been assigned, marked themselves unavailable, or have declined the job then you will have a different sub. We will make every effort to find the sub you want but will not leave your class empty if they are not available.

Q.4 ~ What is the difference between Specified and Prearranged? 

A.4 ~ A) Specified means: I want this sub - The system will call this person in the evening every half hour to offer them the job. If it is in the morning the first call will be do the specified sub. 

          B) Prearranged means: I have talked to this sub and they have agreed to work for me - The system will not call the sub it will send them an email confirming they have the job. 

Q.5 ~ How do I prearrange a sub?

A.5 ~ When you create the absence you can put the substitutes name or ID number in the specified box, then there is a question that says "Has the substitute accepted the job?" Yes or No. By choosing yes you are prearranging the person. The default setting is "No" and this will have the system try to find your sub for you. 

Quick Reference Cards by District

If you need a quick reference quide with basic instructions for the sub system simply click on the link to your district below.