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WE are the solution


Our vision is to solve your problems. We seek for opportunities to stretch what we can do, to make your time more efficient.  Every district is unique and we wish to be the solution to your unique needs. 




We invite you to bring your needs to us and we will work hard to give you the best solution as quickly as possible. 

Our mission


We provide substitute training on the expectations within schools. Each employee attends a registration course. This course is designed to outline the expectations of working in a school district as well as how to best represent EMS SubDesk. 

Each school year all our staff undergoes the State and Federal mandated compliance training, including:  child abuse reporting, bullying prevention, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, bloodborne pathogens, and FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act).

Our classified staff also undergo a para pro training provided by STEDI. This is designed to help each new classroom assistant better understand the positions they will be called to work in and the professional expectations of working with children. 



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These are our staff. We expect them to provide your schools and students with the best possible learning environment while they are serving you. Performance is evaluated regularly and extra training is given as needed. Much like you handle your professional development for your staff we do the same for ours. 

​​​​Substitute Management

For the districts that partner with us we handle all aspects of the substitutes for your schools. Much more that just a substitute system we are staff management. Think human resources, technology, business, and fiscal all having more time to accomplish your districts needs while our expert staff takes care of the substitutes each day.