Applicant Instructions

Helpful walk-through of the form completion

Schools are like small communities, they have  a large variety of workers needed to keep them operational. When one  is not there each day they are in great need of someone to fill their shoes to keep the community working properly. 

Helpful walk-through of the application process 

1)  Follow the link below to apply.

2) Choose which County and Position you would like to work in primarily (we can add more later in the process). 

3) Submit only ONE Application

4) You will be sent documents to complete - complete them to move forward.

​5) Within a few days of completing the documents instructions about registrations will be sent.

Special Note

You will see the name "Source4Teachers" many times. 

EMS SubDesk & Source4Teachers are partners. 

We work together in technology and support. EMS SubDesk is the local office you are applying to work for.

If what you are looking for is not there Contact Us directly.

Positions We Hire

We hire substitutes for the following positions: 

     ~ Oregon Licensed Teachers 

     ~ Educational Assistants

     ~ Food service

     ~ Transportation Aides  

     ~ Custodial 

     ~ Secretarial

​     ~ Library/Media Aides​

     ~ Campus Security

Work For EMS SubDesk

EMS SubDesk hires and places substitutes for a variety of positions not just teachers. If you are looking for a flexible job that works around your schedule or if you need close to full time work we can vary this position to fit your needs. 

Many times these jobs lead to full time district positions. 

For a full list of all the schools that we support and the pay rates for each district please visit ourSchools page. 


Once we complete the review of your documents, you will receive information about when and where to attend a registration. These events serve as an interview and an overview of job expectations.

Current Openings

Our positions are open for the 2017-18 school year!